.الاردن Dominio

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Caracteres permitidos
An Arabic domain name under (Al-Ordon) must compose of the Arabic letters, the Latin numerals (0-9) and the hyphen ‘-‘. A domain name may NOT contain diacritics (Harakat), Kashida (Tatweel), Arabic Numerals or any ASCII alphabets (a-z). An Arabic domain name may not consist of numerals only, it must have - at minimum - one Arabic letter. The minimum number of codes (letters, numerals, and hyphen) used in an Arabic domain name is three, and the maximum is 63 codes. A domain name must not contain two consecutive hyphens ‘-‘. The first code in an Arabic domain name must be a letter, and the last code could be a letter or numeral. The hyphen cannot begin or end an Arabic domain name. The chosen Arabic domain name must represent the name of the entity, the initials of the name of the entity (not transliteration), or one of its trademarks.

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