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RRPproxy provides now aftermarket service including Sedo integration

2016-09-02, The Metaregistry™ RRPproxy™, a product of the Key-Systems GmbH, has released the RRPproxy Aftermarket service.

Now, RRPproxy's customers can access their Sedo accounts via RRPproxy as well as list, check and buy domains at Sedo directly via RRPproxy. However, an existing Sedo account is not mandatory for RRPproxy's customers.

Sedo is the largest trading platform for already registered domains and helps customers all over the world to find the perfect domain when a preferable domain of choice is unavailable. RRPproxy is especially aimed at resellers and internet service providers and offers apart from domains extensive extra services such as vServers, SSL certificates, a subreseller system, DNS management and hosting. With a pure API integration and the provider Sedo, the launch of the RRPproxy Aftermarket has been started.

Sedo is the world's largest platform for the professional trading of web addresses with over 18 million listed domains and two million customers. With the integration in the RRPproxy Aftermarket, RRPproxy's customers can  query and buy available domains, even if they do not have a Sedo account as well as list and sell domains at Sedo via the RRPproxy API. Further, multiple Sedo accounts can be managed at the same time. The uninterrupted checkout including fast transfer is guaranteed.

“The direct access to the Sedo platform is just the first of several stages of RRPproxy Aftermarket”, says Alexander Siffrin, CEO of the Key-Systems GmbH. “The RRPproxy Aftermarket will be expanded gradually by adding further aftermarket providers, a Web interface integration and a bidding system as additional selling method.”

The Metaregistry™ RRPproxy allows registrars and resellers to register and manage more than 1,000 ccTLDs and gTLDs fully automated. Additionally, RRPproxy offers resalable services such as trustee services, Whois Privacy, vServers, hosting, or SSL certificates. Furthermore, RRPproxy offers a hierarchical subreseller system that customers can use as white-label solution as well as the Registry Account Management (RAM) solution to operate own accreditations. The entire RRPproxy technology is developed internally and continuously updated by the team of the Key-Systems GmbH.