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Press Statement: KSregistry / Adamsnames

St. Ingbert, 2013-03-11, Today, the KSregistry GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary of the Key-Systems GmbH, has learned that a third party has executed a transfer of the domain name and now operates a shadow registry under this domain. According to the CEO of AdamsNames Ltd., Mr. Carsten Pauli, this transfer was not authorized by the registry operator.

The provision of the technical back-end services by KSregistry GmbH for the ccTLDs .TC, .GD and .VG authorized by AdamsNames Ltd., is currently being negatively affected by the actions of the third party.

In order to not endanger the integrity of the zone after addressing the issues, the Key-Systems GmbH as registrar has decided to not permit current modifications to domains under .TC, .GD and .VG. The resolution and renewal of the domains will not be affected.



Key-Systems GmbH has at no time hijacked a domain name from Adamsnames Ltd. It has in the incident referred to by the party currently claiming to represent Adamsnames acted upon a request of the director of Adamsnames Ltd. who is also the signatory of the agreement outsourcing the technical backend of the registry to KSregistry GmbH.

On the other hand the transfer of the domain name and with that the ability to change the management of the zone has to our knowledge been initiated without permission of Adamsnames Ltd. It is noteworthy that at this time the domain names listed by the current technical operator do not list Adamsnames Ltd. as registrant: ADAMSNAMES.NET,, 


Update (April 12, 2013) - Freeze of the zones .TC, .GD and .VG required

Due to continuing uncertainties regarding the administration of the ccTLDs .TC, .GD and .VG, RRPproxy won't enable any modifications, new registrations, transfers and renewals of domains in these name spaces as of now.

This measure is intended to not endanger the integrity of the zone after problem solution. The resolution of existing domain names is not affected. Currently, the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) is in the process of clarifying the responsibility for the three domain extensions. Once the administration of the TLDs .TC, .GD and .VG is clear again, RRPproxy will get back to regular registrar operation for these TLDs as soon as possible.

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