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Meet Key-Systems at dmexco

St. Ingbert, 2012-08-24, The German based IT company Key-Systems GmbH will be represented with its corporate domain portal BrandShelter at this year's dmexco (September 12-13 in Cologne). BrandShelter supports its customers in protecting their company's name, brands and trademarks on the Internet. BrandShelter's focus at the exhibition will be its comprehensive monitoring services that include social media monitoring. Furthermore, the BrandShelter team will inform interested visitors about the possibilities of domain pre-registration under over 1400 new top level domains (TLDs), which will be available from 2013. Trade show participants are invited to visit the BrandShelter booth (hall 7 / F052) or to make an appointment in advance ( Booth visitors also have the chance to win an iPad 3.

Key-Systems' BrandShelter monitors the use of customers' company name as well as their trademarks and their brands on the Internet and helps to prevent abuse. This brand monitoring also includes the registration and publication of identical and confusingly similar marks as well as international company name watch, trademark application watch and design watch. The social media monitoring contains the reservation of trademarks and persons as user names and the identification of trademark infringements in user names. Furthermore, BrandShelter observes existing and emerging social networks.

In addition, as part of the content monitoring, customers will be notified of brand appearance in a web site, blog body or meta tags. There is also the ability to track content changes with potential infringements. Using the BrandShelter technology, domain-monitoring in over 270 TLDs according to customized requirements is possible, typos or phonetic misspellings are considered.

“BrandShelter protects your company from risks such as phishing, cybersquatting or trademark abuse“, subsumes Andreas Soll, Product Manager, the monitoring-offers of BrandShelter.

The second focus of BrandShelter's dmexco visit is to inform about the possibilities of domain pre-registration under all new generic TLDs. Due to the liberalization of the TLD market by the supreme Internet organization ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) trademarks or product names can be used as TLD. The landscape of the Internet will change with the upcoming introduction of TLDs such as .APP, .WEB or .SAARLAND by ICANN, new generic name spaces for you and your company will be created. BrandShelter offers free of charge and without obligation pre-orders for all new gTLDs.

Key-Systems is an international IT company that currently manages more than 3 million domains for more than 70,000 retail/corporate customers and 1,800 resellers worldwide. The company with more than 70 employees is the second largest registrar for generic domains such as .COM or .NET in Europe and one of the 15 largest worldwide, in relation to the number of managed gTLD domain names (source: Key-Systems' headquarters are located in St. Ingbert/Germany. Furthermore, the company runs two subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico. Key-Systems’ business areas include the retail customer portal and the reseller portal Furthermore, the company runs the TIER III SKYWAY DataCenter, the corporate domain portal, a service for registry operation (KSregistry) and the domainer software DNWorker. Key-Systems is a member of the KeyDrive S.A. holding that was created in June 2011 through the merge of Key-Systems GmbH and NameDrive S.A. The holding also includes the companies Moniker and SnapNames.