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New joint venture

Key-Systems invests in software specialist DevKey

Zweibrücken, 2009-07-16, With the new joint venture the domain registrar will extend its product range and launch services dedicated to domainers.

Key-Systems joins in DevKey Domainmanagement Solutions with 49 percent. The majority of the company holds DevUnity, which is run by IT expert Rolf Rosskopf. 'The joint venture demonstrates how innovative and productive Key-Systems is', says Thorsten Smeets, COO of Key-Systems. 'In spite of the global economic crisis, we invest in a promising enterprise and expand our business with an application software segment'.

Within the start-up Key-Systems takes over international sales and marketing, support and administrative functions. DevUnity is responsible for the development and tests of the software.' Due to its professional sales team and broad reseller channel we have the opportunity of immense international growth', describes Rolf Rosskopf the potential of the joint venture.

As a first product, DevKey will launch the so called DNWorker (DN stands for Domain Name). The tool particularly addresses domainers who manage a lot of web addresses and define these as financial investment. As a new product the DNWorker is the logic evolution in domain management. Domainers can control all their business areas using the software: from registration to monetarization and sale. The software aims to meet comprehensively the domainers' needs. Developer Rosskopf, himself  a domainer, has been missing a practicable software solution until now.

DevUnity, founded in 2008 by Rolf Rosskopf, is specialized in the development and project planning of individualized and specialized software solutions in the area of domain management and online advertising.

About Key-Systems

Key-Systems GmbH located in Zweibrücken, Germany, was founded by Alexander Siffrin in 1998. The company has grown from an academic sideline to a successful international ICANN accredited registrar for internet addresses. Areas such as a fully automated reseller-system and web hosting completed the success story. Today with more than 2.5 million domains under its management, the company has reached a leading market position, selling domain names, web hosting and DNS services to customers all over the world. The latest product offers companies and institutions special services related to domain administration including services to get their own top-level domain (TLD) as this opportunity unfolds in the near future. As of May 2009, Key-Systems also has a US branch: Key-Systems USA, Inc. is located in Leesburg, Virginia.