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Key-Systems implements four new top-level domains in February

Zweibrücken, 2010-03-23, The registrar Key-Systems has extended its offering of already more than 200 domain extensions by adding in February four new top-level domains (TLDs): .CA , .MG, .UZ and .RE. .CA is the country-code domain ending for Canada, .MG stands for Madagascar, .UZ for Uzbekistan. The ending .RE indicates the island Réunion (french: Île de la Réunion) belonging to France.

Customers of the reseller portal and the end customer portal can now register domain names with the four newly added extension. “Key-Systems expands its domain offering continuously. In 2009 we have introduced altogether 23 new TLDs for our clients. With more than 200 top-level and second-level domain endings, we offer a large portfolio of extensions, from which registrants can choose”, says Key-Systems' CEO Alexander Siffrin.

Canada currently hosts the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The city of Vancouver can  be found on the internet at .CA domains can be registered for a period of one year up to ten years – however only by private persons, juristic persons, organizations, etc. with an address / a seat in Canada. With a national territory of about ten million square kilometers, Canada is the second largest country on earth after Russia. Approximately 250,000 immigrants per year reach the country, so says the Canadian embassy in Germany. Meanwhile people of 200 different ethno-cultural groups live in Canada.

Île de la Réunion means “island of get-together” in English and is an island in the Indian Ocean belonging to France.  Exclusively juristic persons and trademark holders may register .RE domain names, The .RE domain registration period is limited to one year.

In addition to the TLD .MG, the second-level endings .CO.MG, .COM.MG, .NET.MG as well as .ORG.MG are available, Everyone interested can register .MG internet addresses for one year up to ten years. The island of Madagascar is located off of Mozambique on the east coast of Africa and has  become generally well-known since the release of the recent films by the same name. According to the German Department of Foreign Affairs, traditional music and Malagasy cabaret are forms of the island's culture enjoyed abroad.

UZ domains can only be registered for one year or for two years. Also available below .UZ are   .CO.UZ and .COM.UZ. The Central Asian state Uzbekistan is among others renown for its silk and  mosaics. With 27.7 million inhabitants, it is by far the most populated country of Central Asia, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Germany. It borders all Central Asian states and  Afghanistan.

About Key-Systems

Key-Systems GmbH located in St. Ingbert, Germany, was founded by Alexander Siffrin in 1998. The company has grown from an academic sideline to a successful international ICANN accredited registrar for internet addresses. Areas such as a fully automated reseller-system and web hosting completed the success story. Today with more than 2.7 million domains under its management, the company has reached a leading market position, selling domain names, web hosting and DNS services to customers all over the world. The latest product offers companies and institutions special services related to domain administration including services to get their own top-level domain (TLD) as this opportunity unfolds in the near future. Key-Systems is operating subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico.