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Key-Systems at the WorldHostingDays 2012

St. Ingbert, 2012-03-19, Starting tomorrow, the German internet company Key-Systems presents their services at the WorldHostingDays (WHD) 2012 in Rust. The company-owned TIER III SKYWAY DataCenter this year emphasizes its vCloud hosting service. RRPproxy, Key-Systems’ domain registration and management system for resellers is also a central part of the WHD appearance. For new customers Key-Systems offers the registration of domain names with certain extensions at special rates, including .COM, .NET and .TV domain registrations. SKYWAY CEO Roman Schließmeyer holds a speech on “Cloud Computing for Business Use Cases” as part of the WHD speed.session on March 20, starting at 12:05 pm.

The TÜV-certified TIER III SKYWAY DataCenter introduces its Cloud DataCenter at the WHD, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution (IaaS). The Cloud DataCenter allows clients to obtain exactly the computing power and storage capacity they need from a large resource pool – the cloud. Time-consuming provisioning processes are eliminated. In case of increasing demands, the customers may access further resources at any time; dispensable resources can be returned easily.

"With our Cloud Datacenter you aren't subject to any financial risk resulting from oversized hardware purchase and non-calculable operating costs anymore. You only pay for what you currently use”, explains Roman Schließmeyer, CEO of the SKYWAY DataCenter GmbH.

Another focus of Key-Systems’ WHD appearance is RRPproxy, a fully automated real-time system for domain registration and management. At the WHD, RRPproxy offers new customers domain registrations at special prizes, including domains under .COM, .NET and .TV, which are among the world's most popular suffixes for internet addresses. RRPproxy is especially aimed at internet service providers and registrars. Apart from domains, the portal offers extensive extra services such as vServers, SSL certificates, a subreseller system and (DNS) hosting. Currently, RRPproxy provides the fully automated registration of more than 300 domain extensions and is continuously expanding its offerings. The RRPproxy package also includes the realization of any TLD worldwide on customer's request.

Key-Systems is an international IT company that currently manages more than 3 million domains for more than 70,000 retail/corporate customers and 1,800 resellers worldwide. The company with more than 70 employees is the second largest registrar for generic domains such as .COM or .NET in Europe and one of the 15 largest worldwide, in relation to the number of managed gTLD domain names (source: Key-Systems' headquarters are located in St. Ingbert/Germany. Furthermore, the company runs two subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico. Key-Systems’ business areas include the retail customer portal and the reseller portal Furthermore, the company runs the TIER III SKYWAY DataCenter, the corporate domain portal, a service for registry operation (KSregistry) and the domainer software DNWorker. Key-Systems is a member of the KeyDrive S.A. holding that was created in June 2011 through the merge of Key-Systems GmbH and NameDrive S.A. The holding also includes the companies Moniker and SnapNames.