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Israel's .CO.IL and .ORG.IL are Key-Systems' latest offer

Zweibr├╝cken, 2010-01-11, The domain registrar Key-Systems is continuously expanding its domain portfolio. After the company simultaneously introduced seven new top-level domains (TLDs) in November 2009, .CO.IL and .ORG.IL are now being added to the Key-Systems offering. Through the end customer portal domaindiscount24 and RRPproxy, the reseller portal, clients can now register these two country code second-level domains (SLDs) for Israel.

More than 158,000 Israeli domain names are currently registered worldwide. With such a high demand for Israeli domains Key-Systems, an expert in country code internet endings, is proud to begin offering the registration and management of .CO.IL and .ORG.IL. Customers can register the domains online per web interface or API.

There currently are no special requirements to register these SLDs so everyone interested can purchase an Israeli domain name. However, the domains can only be registered for a maximum of two years and are not registered in real-time – it takes up to three working days until the registration process is completed. Domain names may contain letters, numbers and hyphens, however the latter cannot be at the beginning of the domain name or in front of the internet ending. The length of .CO.IL and .ORG.IL domain names can be between three and 23 characters.

Key-Systems' Israeli partner, Domain The Net Technologies, carries out the registration. Until now the registry, Israel Internet Association, (ISOC-IL) has only accredited six registrars. As recently as 2007, the domain market in Israel has been opened for competition between registrars. Domain The Net was the first company to be accepted as a registrar for .CO.IL/.ORG.IL domain names. The registration of a domain with only the top-level ending .IL is not possible at the moment. Besides the endings .CO.IL and .ORG.IL there are other SLDs, .AC.IL, .NET.IL, K12.IL, .MUNI.IL, whose allocation is limited therefore Key-Systems does not offer them.

The country of Israel is located in the middle east and borders Syria, the Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestine areas. According to the German Department of Foreign Affairs, the European Union (EU) has been the most important trading partner of Israel in 2008: 34 percent of the imports derived from the EU and 33 percent of the exports were delivered into EU countries. The most important bilateral trading partner thus far is the USA. Concerning the imports in 2008 China, Germany, Switzerland and Italy followed the USA, concerning the exports the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and Turkey did.

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Key-Systems GmbH located in St. Ingbert, Germany, was founded by Alexander Siffrin in 1998. The company has grown from an academic sideline to a successful international ICANN accredited registrar for internet addresses. Areas such as a fully automated reseller-system and web hosting completed the success story. Today with more than 2.7 million domains under its management, the company has reached a leading market position, selling domain names, web hosting and DNS services to customers all over the world. The latest product offers companies and institutions special services related to domain administration including services to get their own top-level domain (TLD) as this opportunity unfolds in the near future. Key-Systems is operating subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico.