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domaindiscount24 supports open-source projects

St. Ingbert, 2013-01-17, domaindiscount24 (dd24) would like to support innovative open source projects through the provision of its services in 2013. dd24 is the retail service of the international registrar Key-Systems GmbH, which has specialized in global domain registration and web-related products since its foundation in 1998. To promote outstanding projects, Key-Systems asks the open source community for support. Do you know such a project, or are part of one? Then please apply for a sponsorship by sending your project descriptions via e-mail to

Currently, the Key-Systems GmbH, operator of domaindiscount24, is already active as a sponsor in the fields of culture and sports. The company promotes the Dutch a cappella band intrmzzo and the Saarland Football Association Saarland Steelers. 'We are looking forward to supporting innovative open-source projects and the philosophy of realizing something together for the network community in the course of the next year', states Alexander Siffrin, CEO of the Key-Systems GmbH. The company offers the sponsorship of domains and hosting through the retail portal domaindiscount24 to open-source projects.

Key-Systems itself actively uses open-source software such as Apache, OTRS, Sugar, Redmine, Thunderbird, OpenOffice and Mozilla. The label open-source is used for software, whose source code is publicly available. Therefore it can be copied, modified, improved or distributed,  there are no license costs for duplication. Thus, the users – individuals or companies – are independent of  certain producers. For developing an open-source program a variety of people and companies usually work together, so that not only the workload is shared, but each developer also can benefit from the ideas of the other.

As an international registrar, Key-Systems addresses its six divisions to consumers, businesses, and resellers. With its retail service domaindiscount24 (dd24), Key-Systems provides fast and secure domain registration and management, as well as the use of extensive additional services such as web and mail space, VPS or SSL certificates.

Key-Systems is an international IT company that currently manages more than 3 million domains for more than 70,000 retail/corporate customers and 1,800 resellers worldwide. The company with more than 70 employees is the second largest registrar for generic domains such as .COM or .NET in Europe and one of the 15 largest worldwide, in relation to the number of managed gTLD domain names (source: Key-Systems' headquarters are located in St. Ingbert/Germany. Furthermore, the company runs a subsidiary in the USA. Key-Systems’ business areas include the retail customer portal and the reseller portal Furthermore, the company runs the TIER III SKYWAY DataCenter, the corporate domain portal, a service for registry operation (KSregistry) and the domainer software DNWorker. Key-Systems is a member of the KeyDrive S.A. holding that was created in June 2011 through the merge of Key-Systems GmbH and NameDrive S.A. The holding also includes the companies Moniker and SnapNames.