RRPproxy users benefit from direct NameDrive integration

The Metaregistry RRPproxy now offers registrars the possibility to monetize domains after their registration automatically with the domain parking provider NameDrive EU. Through the new partnership RRPproxy registrars can now automatically import domains after registration in their NameDrive account. This functionality is included as a separate command in the RRPproxy API and also integrated in the web interface. Via the bulk tool in the web interface, it is possible to park complete domain lists.

2012-09-11, CentralNic Reseller

The parking option allows domain owners to display appropriate advertising links on empty domain names and thus monetize incoming web traffic. Unused domains are connected to ready-to-go landing pages and assigned with keyword related, geo targeted and language specific Google advertising links. On a PPC (Pay per Click) basis the domain owner earns revenue through every link-click on its parked website.

'Thanks to the new tool, domains can be registered and parked through our RRPproxy API. For users with a large domain portfolio, this results in a relevant work and time saving', states Alexander Siffrin, CEO of the Key-Systems GmbH, the advantages of the new service. 'While domain parking for the large U.S. registrars is meantime on top of the agenda, German registrars have difficulties with it. This step, we want to facilitate with an optimal technical connection', adds Michael Riedl, CEO of NameDrive.

For registrars it may be beneficial to offer their customers domain parking as an additional service, because many domain users register a domain without developing it for months, others treat it as an investment, waiting for an offer from an interested party. While parking a domain, it can be used to display a sale link, which a potential buyer enables to contact the domain owner rapidly, so that the sale opportunities increase. Registrars can also use the renewal period with the expiry of a domain registration and after informing the customer place parking sites on the domain and earn money with every click. At the same time a parking template works as a reminder for the previous registrant to renew the registration. Detailed traffic and revenue stats of the parking phase can help the registrar to decide whether a domain may be ideal for a profitable domain portfolio.

RRPproxy, the reseller portal of the international domain registrar Key-Systems GmbH, allows registrars the registration and management of large domain portfolios. NameDrive offers parking solutions with targeted premium landing pages. Key-Systems and NameDrive are members of the KeyDrive S.A. holding that was originated by the merger of these two companies in June 2011. KeyDrive is headquartered in Luxemburg, further members are Moniker® and SnapNames®. The KeyDrive companies are leaders in internet services specializing in registering, monetizing, hosting, selling and developing domain names. The holding connects buyers, sellers, consumers and advertisers with unique optimized technology. KeyDrive administers more than six million domains on its servers and provides an array of managed services to corporations, domain investors and individuals.

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