Building website reveals a new look

As of now,, the reseller portal of the international registrar Key-Systems GmbH, presents its totally refreshed website with new design and new logo, even more customer-friendly structure and additional information. Furthermore, the sign-up process was extensively reworked to increase the usability of the site. German was added to the language selection, thus the site is now available in five languages. It is also possible to download the website content in all languages as fact sheet. Important and current news will be displayed prominently on the home page. Currently, a responsive website design is in production.

2013-10-01, CentralNic Reseller

The website has already been available in the languages English, Spanish, Chinese and French before the relaunch of the web appearance. With the redesign, this selection has been extended by German language. In addition, each top level domain (TLD) offered by now has a dedicated landing page with many helpful details about the origin and use of the TLD. The new website provides revised FAQ and details of all services. Further, customers can submit

'With the relaunch the website is in line with the latest technology and provides our customers and prospects with detailed information about our products and services', states Alexander Siffrin, CEO of the Key-Systems GmbH.


RRPproxy, the reseller portal of the Key-Systems GmbH, is a domain registration and management system especially developed for ISPs and registrars, which belongs to the leading reseller platforms worldwide. The system offers the integrative administration of large portfolios of domains extensions allocated by various registries. The fully automated real-time system includes extensive additional offers such as vServers, SSL certificates, an SMS gateway, a subreseller system or the API hosting solution HOMER (Hosting Management Environment Repository). RRPproxy supports more than 300 different domain extensions for registration and management through easy-to-handle gateways. The system also allows non-binding pre-orders of more than 700 planned new TLDs.

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