Registrar Key-Systems takes part in .CO introduction

The country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .CO of Colombia is operated by a new registry called Cointernet ( since February. Cointernet has released a detailed plan for the release of .CO second-level domains. Previously only third-level internet addresses with endings like .COM.CO or .NET.CO could be registered. Owners of such domains can now exclusively save their corresponding .CO domains beginning in March. At the end of June the registration of a .CO domain will be possible for everyone. Until that time trademark owners can register their .CO brand domains In two launch phases. The complete .CO introduction process is divided into five launch phases. Key-Systems offers its customers access to each of the launch phases for the registration of .CO domains.


As done before in the implementation of several new TLDs, Key-Systems now offers its expertise to customers in the introduction of .CO. For example, within the .TEL domain sunrise in 2008, the success rate of the pre-registrations for Key-Systems' customers was 98 percent. As a registrar Key-Systems now also takes part in the introduction of the TLD .CO and offers its customers access to each of the launch phases for the registration of .CO domains. Internet users worldwide associate the top-level domain .CO with the terms “Company,” “Corporation” and “Commerce”. Furthermore, buzzwords like “Communities“, “Content“, “Connect“, “Communicate“ or “Collaborate“ can be added.

In the first phase of the .CO introduction called “Grandfathering“ (March 2010) registrants of existing third-level domains (registered before 08-07-30) with the unrestricted extensions .COM.CO, .NET.CO and .NOM.CO can apply for the corresponding domain names under .CO. In the “Sunrise A“ (April 2010), owners of Colombian trademarks can register those as a second-level domain. Other trademark owners get their registration opportunity in “Sunrise B“ (April – June 2010): Companies and organizations worldwide can then save their brands under .CO. If several registrants want to purchase the same domain within one of the two “Sunrise” phases, the domain will be auctioned.

Numerous companies and organizations present their trademarks on the Internet with .COM domain names. Domains under similar TLDs like .CO will presumably attract visitors, who actually wanted to access the corresponding web site with the ending .COM. This is caused by typos in the browser entry. For protecting the traffic on the .COM web site, it's recommended to protect the trademarks under .CO during one of the two “Sunrise“ phases. The same applies to memorable domain names under .COM, which do not match a brand. Owners of these can try to register their domain names with the ending .CO in the so-called “Landrush“. Also companies, which are present on the Latin American market and especially present in Colombia, should consider registering .CO domains in the “Landrush“ for encouraging their local presence.

During the “Landrush“ (June – July 2010) everyone interested may apply for a .CO domain. The registrations are collected – in case of multiple registration applications, a domain will be auctioned. Presumably in the third quarter 2010, .CO domains will be available to everybody following the “first-come, first-served“ principle. Key-Systems already accepts subscriptions for the “Landrush“ from March 1 on.

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