Positive feedback of reseller customers for RRPproxy

An opinion survey asking 300 customer representatives has detected their solid relationship with Key-Systems’ domain portal The study focused on the mechanisms of domain marketing and sales between reseller and registrar. 63 per cent of the respondents were the respective business owners.

2010-09-24, CentralNic Reseller

The level of satisfaction with Key-Systems‘ marketing resources and support described 85 per cent of the reseller representatives as good by very good. This satisfaction is also proven by the open responses to the question “What else would you like Key-Systems to know with regard to helping you sell and market domain names?”. Among the answers are such as “Nothing special: just keep going on with the good work!” or “Concerning service level I would give you highest marks…”.

“It’s great to receive such a positive feedback by our key accounts“, Key-Systems CEO Alexander Siffrin states. “However, we work continuously to further improve our service and offerings. The survey also delivered important results for this purpose, e.g. it made clear, which kind of marketing campaign most resellers prefer.” The majority of 84 survey participants indicated the domain selling and marketing as the major business focus or part of the business focus. Only 16 per cent said, domain selling and marketing was not a focus of their business. Asked about the importance of some characteristics for choosing a domain registrar, the respondents named the competitive price of domain names and the TLD availability as well as the service level as most important criteria.

About 1,700 resellers are RRPproxy customers. 2,287 decision-makers of their marketing and technique sections received an invitation for the study. 298 persons took part in the online survey that was conducted during one week. This means 13 per cent of the invited customer representatives participated in the study; proportionally to the number of resellers this is a participant rate of 17.5 per cent.

Asked about their primary business focus, most respondents described their company as a webhosting firm, an internet service provider or a domain reseller. For the majority of RRPproxy’s customers, small or mid-size are their main clients. End customers follow on third rank. The huge majority of 83 per cent of the respondents are selling domain names for more than five years.

RRPproxy is the worldwide reseller network of Key-Systems GmbH. The fully automated real-time system for domain registration and management includes extensive additional offers like DNS, SSL certificates, SMS gateway, a subreseller system and the API hosting solution HOMER (Hosting Management Environment Repository). RRPproxy offers more than 200 different internet endings for domain registration and management in one easy to handle platform. Resellers can address all of the linked registries via RRPproxy which is why it can also be called the “meta registry”. The clients can connect with this meta registry via web interface and the API gateways EPP, XRRP, HTTP(S), SOAP, XML-RPC and SMTP Gateway.

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