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The shopping-cart system on (dd24) has been improved. New features now allow customers to create, edit, and manage domains even more quickly and conveniently, using account defaults and saved data. The dd24 operator Key-Systems presents itself and its offering including domaindiscount24 currently at the technology exhibition CeBIT in Hanover (hall 5, booth F04).

2010-03-04, domaindiscount24

The domain registrar domaindiscount24 has revised its shopping-cart system by adding more features and further facilitating the registration and editing of domain names. “Because of the newly structured and improved functions of the shopping-cart system on our clients can register their domains even more simply than before” says Alexander Siffrin, CEO of Key-Systems. Previously, the dd24 application presented all order details on a single screen. Now the details are conveniently located on tabs, where modifications can be performed separately for streamlined processing. The new system allows users to view different information on the different tabs “shopping cart”, “whois”, “nameservers”, “DNS” and “extras”), thereby creating a simplified user experience.

The tab “shopping cart” includes the possiblity to directly log-in to an existing customer account. Customers will then be able to have preset handles with saved whois data (tab “whois”). The system will use the saved information to automatically fill in blank fields in the “whois” tab and new handles can be saved at any time. This feature, coupled with bulk domain name registration, allows users to create multiple domain names quickly and accurately without constantly re-entering data. The new system makes it possible to copy DNS, nameserver and whois data to all domains in the shopping basket. This opens up the possibility of changes to be made to the DNS before the order is completed. The site is a one-stop DNS solution for domain routing, A-record and MX-record management, etc. all in the shopping-cart.

Also, taking advantage of dd24 nameservers during the registration process will provide immediate access to the domain name upon successful registration. The new version of the shopping-cart system makes it possible to use up to eight user created nameservers for all domains in the shopping basket (tab “nameservers”). The same applies for the modifications to web and mail services (tab “DNS”). Another feature which has been added is the “extras” tab. This tab allows users to utilize all of dd24’s solutions, such as local presence services or the creation of a CSR file for purchasing a SSL certificate. Siffrin continues “The changes we’ve made around the ordering process all aim at saving our costumers time and effort.”

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