New knowledge base on more than 1,000 domain extensions

The RRPproxy team has reworked its domain wiki with information and instructions on more than 1,000 domain extensions as well as technical processes from the world of domains and adapted it to the customer's needs.


Advanced features for RRPproxy's Knowledge Base

The knowledge base has a new design with extended functions. This includes a list of all top level domains (TLDs) with filter functionality, detailed TLD pages with the corresponding API commands and further information as well as the possibility to create grouped API command lists. “Our newly designed knowledge base helps with questions about our products and services and convinces with its ease of use,” said Martin Spreer, Product Manager of RRPproxy. "The detailed information on over 1,000 domain extensions, including many exotic TLDs with special requirements, is unique in the industry.”

The flyout navigation provides direct access to all pages, while the TLD search in the header allows direct access to the TLD pages. The newly implemented full-text search for articles indexes both titles and keywords, so that a complete coverage with regard to the content of the knowlege base entries is guaranteed.

RRPproxy: Professional Domain Reselling

The Metaregistry™ RRPproxy allows a fully automated registration and administration of more than 1,000 ccTLDs and gTLDs as well as well as the Registry Account Management (RAM) solution to operate own accreditations. In addition to domains, RRPproxy offers products such as hosting, SSL certificates, vServers and Whois Privacy for reselling and has a hierarchical subreseller system that customers can use as white-label solution.

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