New domain extensions at Key-Systems: .DK, .CO.ZA and .CO.NL

The international domain provider Key-Systems again extended its portfolio of domain extensions for the registration of internet addresses: Newly added were the top-level domain .DK (Denmark) as well as the second-level extensions .CO.ZA (South Africa) and .CO.NL (Netherlands). Including these extensions, the registrar has added 19 new second-level and top-level domains to its portfolio since January 2010.


Key-Systems continuously extends the range of offered extensions for registering domain names. Solely during 2009, the company implemented all together 16 new second-level and top-level extensions in its registration system. Now the registrar increases the speed of introductions – during the last five months, Key-Systems‘ technical staff has already made 19 new domain extensions available for the three domain portals of the company. “We are offering a large choice of country-code and generic domain extensions to secure that our customers can register their desired domain name“, describes Key-Systems’ CEO Alexander Siffrin.

Among the newly added extensions is .DK, the official country-code domain of Denmark. About 5.5 million people live in the North European country (according to the Department for Foreign Affairs, Germany). Its capital city is Copenhagen. .DK domain names can be registered for one year, for two, three or five years. They may contain all Danish special characters as well as the letters ö, ä, ü and é. The second-level ending .CO.ZA represents South Africa, the host of the World Cup 2010. According to the German Department for Foreign Affairs, 49.3 million people currently live in South Africa. The official capital is Pretoria. .CO.ZA domain names can exclusively be registered for a period of one year. .CO.NL is a second-level variant of the country-code top-level domain .NL which represents the Netherlands. Capital city of this country bordering Germany’s North West is Amsterdam. The populations figure is about 16.6 million. .CO.NL domain names can be registered for one year up to ten years.

In addition to the three extensions .DK, .CO.ZA and .CO.NL, Key-Systems included the following domain extensions into the offering of the three domain portfolios (for end customers), (for resellers), and (for trademark owners) in 2010:

.CO, .NOM.CO, .COM.CO and .NET.CO for Colombia
.MG, .CO.MG, .COM.MG, .NET.MG and .ORG.MG for Madagascar
.UZ, CO.UZ and .COM.UZ for Uzbekistan
.CO.IL and .ORG.IL for Israel
.RE for Reunion
.CA for Canada

Key-Systems is an international, ICANN accredited registrar, which currently administers more than 2.6 million domains for more than 70.000 end customers and 1.700 resellers worldwide. The company with 50 employees is the second largest ICANN registrar in Europe and one of the 15 largest worldwide (Source: Key-Systems‘ headquarters are located in Zweibrücken, Germany (from July on: St. Ingbert), furthermore the company runs subsidiaries in the US and Mexico and holds a majority interest in the Polish registrar

Key-Systems continuously extends its domain offering with new extensions and services such as vServers, SSL certificates and web hosting. Customers can currently register domain names choosing from more than 200 different top-level and second-level extensions via the end customer portal and the reseller portal RRPproxy. The corporate domain portal offers companies the worldwide registration of domains with all available extensions and an extensive online brand protection service.

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