Meet Key-Systems at dmexco 2013

The Key-Systems GmbH, an international IT company, will participate in the marketing trade fair dmexco (September 18-19, 2013 in Cologne) with its corporate domain portal BrandShelter. BrandShelter supports its customers in protecting their company's name, brands and trademarks on the Internet. The team will inform about the right strategy in dealing with the new domain extensions (TLDs, Top Level Domains), which will become gradually available from autumn 2013. BrandShelter's focuses during the exhibition will be the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) as protective action for trademark owners, the domain pre-registration under more than 700 new TLDs and its comprehensive monitoring services. Trade show participants are invited to make an appointment in advance per email ([email protected]) or to visit the BrandShelter team at the booth (hall 7/F055).

2013-08-28, BrandShelter

Due to the introduction of more than 700 openly registerable domain extensions over the next two years, brand owners have to deal with a completely new situation. The new TLDs include, among others, .SHOP, .WEB, .BERLIN, .PARIS, and .COLOGNE. The preventive registration of domain names corresponding to all variants of a brand under all new internet extensions would be a very expensive strategy. Therefore, trademark owners should inform themselves about the new TLDs to protect their company name and their brand against brand abuse in time.

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), operated by Deloitte and IBM, provides trademark owners with the validation and protection of their trademark under new TLDs. The registration with the Trademark Clearinghouse is required for the participation in Sunrise periods of new top level domains, in which a pre-registration right for brand owners is granted. Further, trademark owners and domain name registrants will receive warnings about domain registrations matching a brand during the Trademark Claims Phase. BrandShelter registers brands and trademarks iwith the Trademark Clearinghouse on behalf of its customers and informs regularly about the current status of the introduction of new top level domains.

“BrandShelter offers comprehensive advice on dealing with the new TLDs and prevents you from misuse of your brand”, states Andreas Soll, Product Manager of the Key-Systems GmbH.

The second focus of BrandShelter's dmexco appearance is to inform about the possibilities of domain pre-registration under all new generic TLDs. With the upcoming introduction of TLDs such as .APP, .WEB or .SAARLAND by ICANN, the landscape of the Internet will change; new generic name spaces for companies will be created. BrandShelter offers free and non-binding pre-orders for all new gTLDs.

Furthermore, the BrandShelter team presents its wide range of monitoring services, by which the use of the company name as well as the trademarks of its customers can be monitored. These services include, among others, social media, content and domain monitoring.

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