KSregistry system achieves high result in technical evaluation by ICANN

Last Friday, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) published the Initial Evaluation Results for 27 new generic top level domains (gTLDs). Among the TLDs with a successful evaluation was one, whose operation is based on the technical solution of the KSregistry GmbH, a wholly owned Key-Systems subsidiary. The high evaluation result of 29 out of 30 points shows how reliable the KSregistry solution is, that it can withstand the comparison with established vendors and even achieve better results in some aspects.

2013-03-25, KSregistry

In the Initial Evaluation Results ICANN analyzes and evaluates the technical and economic aspects of the proposed new gTLDs. Among other things, the infrastructure of the technical backends for registry operation is examined. 22 points are required to pass the technical part. The IDN extension (IDN = Internationalized Domain Names) relying on the technical basis of KSregistry significantly exceeded this requirement with 29 of 30 points.

Also the financial and legal part, parented by the consulting firm ThomsenTrampedach and the lawyer Torsten Bettinger, received a high evaluation result. The TLD scored 10 of 11 possible points, 8 were needed to pass the test.

"We are glad that our work has received such a great result in the review by ICANN", says Oliver Fries, CTO of KSregistry GmbH. "Further, we are very confident about the result of the still to be evaluated 28 applications that rely on KSregistry as backend provider."

The evaluations completed to date by ICANN concern 27 multilingual (IDN) TLDs. Their launch is expected for later this year.

About KSregistry

KSregistry GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Key-Systems GmbH, provides customers registry systems that are tailored to their needs and in accordance with the state of the art technology. Due to the modular character of KSregistry's services, the customer-specific solution can be expanded and modified according to changing needs at all times. By using the data center SKYWAY, a hundred percent Key-Systems subsidiary, fast reaction times and full process control are secured.

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