Key-Systems with 16 new domain extensions

Since the beginning of 2011, the domain registrar Key-Systems has introduced 16 new second-level and top-level domain extensions on its three domain portals. The extensions belong to the name spaces of .PRO (“professional“), .MS (Montserrat) and .CL (Chile). All together, Key-Systems now offers the fully automated registration of more than 280 domain extensions for retail customers, resellers and trademark owners.


The international domain registrar Key-Systems has already introduced 16 new second-level and top-level domains since the beginning of the year; .PRO is one of them. “Key-Systems is glad to be an official .PRO registrar. .PRO is a professional way to present businesses on the Internet”, says Key-Systems’ CEO Alexander Siffrin. The TLD .PRO is intended for use by professionals only. A professional is a person or entity that provides professional services. Upon registration, customers are asked to submit parameters such as profession, license number or license authority. In addition to .PRO itself, more specialized .PRO suffixes are available:

- For medical professions: .MED.PRO
- For legal professions: .LAW.PRO, .AVOCAT.PRO, .BAR.PRO, .RECHT.PRO, .JUR.PRO
- For accounting professions: .CPA.PRO, .AAA.PRO, .ACA.PRO, .ACCT.PRO
- For engineering professions: .ENG.PRO

“RegistryPro is excited to welcome Key-Systems to the .PRO family of registrars”, said Lucas Roh, CEO of RegistryPro. “As .PRO continues to set new records for growth, we're proud that industry leaders like Key-Systems have elected to offer .PRO to their valued clients.” RegistryPro is operating the .PRO TLD since its launch in 2004.

Since March Key-Systems also offers the second-level extensions .COM.MS, .CO.MS and .ORG.MS. .MS is the TLD for Montserrat, a British overseas territory and island of the Lesser Antilles (Caribbean Sea). Furthermore, Key-Systems extended its offering of South American domain extensions with the TLD .CL (Chile) in February. Chile is situated between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. Currently, there are more than 300,000 .CL domains registered. The initial registration term of a .CL domain is two years. Domains can be renewed for periods between two and ten years.

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