Key-Systems supports the dotHIV initiative

The German based domain registrar Key-Systems today announced that they will support the charitable work of the dotHIV association within the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and fundraising with three distinct activities: Key-Systems will offer their customers the registration of .hiv web addresses (domains) below net cost price. With the start of the .hiv top level domain in winter and before the introduction of the low pricing, Key-Systems will moreover conduct a fundraising campaign linked to .hiv domain registrations. Finally, Key-Systems' retail domain portal and the US based associate company Moniker LLC, together with dotHIV, will offer a special service to non-profit organizations, which are engaged in the field of HIV/AIDS: they can register their .hiv domain names for free.


Using domain names to fight AIDS. With extraordinary low prices for domain registrations, Key-Systems will actively promote the distribution of .hiv domain names. Presumably as of December 2013 .hiv domains will initially be available in a Sunrise phase for trademark owners. From February 2014 the registration will become possible for anyone interested in the so-called GoLive. “We are glad to support the success of the dotHIV initiative as a registrar partner“, states Alexander Siffrin, CEO of Key-Systems. “dotHIV developed a unique concept to generate funds and attention for the fight against HIV/AIDS and for the affected people. Key-Systems supports dotHIV because the initiative allows us to use our main competency – domain registration – to make a valuable contribution to society.”

dotHIV uses all surpluses from the allocation of .hiv domain names to support organizations working in the field of HIV/AIDs. For companies and individuals their .hiv domain is an easy way to show social commitment. And the internet users are important as well: it is through their visits on .hiv websites that the money reaches HIV projects. Every visit to a .hiv website will trigger a micro donation in the worth of approx. 0.1¢.

The fundraising campaign of Key-Systems at the start of the .hiv launch provides that Key-Systems donates the majority of their registration fees for charitable projects in the field of HIV/AIDS as well; this donation will supplement dotHIV’s fundraising efforts.

The name space .hiv shall unite all those, who are engaged in the fight against AIDS: organizations, initiatives, NGOs and activists. To actively support this, dotHIV provides non-profit HIV/AIDS organizations with a free domain. These so called “charity domains“ can be registered with Key-Systems‘ domain portal and the associate company Moniker LLC after the launch of the .hiv TLD.

domaindiscount24 (dd24) is a retail domain portal available in nine languages, which includes extensive additional services such as web space and e-mail boxes. The Key-Systems GmbH administers more than three million domain names for over 70,000 retail/corporate customers and resellers via dd24 and other portals. The company is the second largest registrar for generic domain names in Europe (according to the number of registrations). The US based registrar Moniker administers over two million domain names for its customers and offers premium domain auctions, valuations, and brokerage as well as escrow services.

dotHIV is the initiative behind the social cause top level domain .hiv. The charitable association from Berlin, Germany, will establish the domain ending .hiv as the Red Ribbon of the digital age - to generate new funds for HIV

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