Key-Systems supports security of customers' websites

The domain registrar Key-Systems now offers SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) on its end customers portal (dd24) and the reseller portal, allowing its clients to communicate security and safety to the visitors of their web site. Available are certificates of VeriSign, thawte and GeoTrust.


Protection against phishing and similar fraudulent attacks on the Internet is becoming more and more important in e-commerce. Reports about racket scandals through fake websites are increasing. During such an attack the URL and the design of the fake website are so similar to the authentic one, that users often don't recognize the hoax until it's too late. All data entered on the fake website by the users is directly sent to the defrauders. SSL certificates guarantee to the Internet users the authenticity of a website identity through a specific validation process executed by a certification authority. They insure that high security standards are incorporated in the data transmission of the website. Thanks to a SSL certificate, clients can be sure that they don't conduct business dealings through a fake website.

The SSL certificates offered by Key-Systems use three possible types of validation: The domain authentication process verifies that the applicant has administrative rights to the domain listed in the certificate. Validation through organization authentication includes domain name authentication and the verification of the business identity as well as the organizational contact's warranty. Extended validation is the highest level of authentication available with an SSL certificate. Among other things a signed acknowledgment of agreement from the corporate contact is required. With extended validation, web site visitors using high-security browsers see the address bar turn green. Thus, they receive a visible sign that the site is trustworthy.

Key-Systems offers certificates of VeriSign, thawte and GeoTrust. Over a 100 million web users see the VeriSign Secured Seal available in 13 languages every day on web sites. 93 percent of the Fortune 500 companies are protected by VeriSign SSL certificates. thawte certificates come along with the Trusted Site Seal, available for display in 18 different languages. The date specification included confirms the current validation of the certificate. thawte certificates are especially characterized by a most expansive browser support.

GeoTrust certificates come along with the GeoTrust True Site seal that includes a time and date stamp verifying the current validity of the SSL certificate. In case of an organization authentication or extended validation, the name of the organization owning the web site is also displayed. Some of the offered SSL certificates include SGC encryption technology. These certificates automatically step up protection to a minimum of 128-bit encryption even if customers use older browsers which have limited 40-bit or 56-bit encryption capabilities.

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