Key-Systems Supports Internationalized Top-Level Domain Names

Key-Systems, the international domain registrar, is now offering sunrise registrations during the launch of International top-level domain (IDN TDL) .РФ. The Cyrillic domain extension .РФ (indicating the Russian Federation) is the first IDN TLD available for registration at Key-Systems. .РФ domain names must be made up entirely of Cyrillic symbols, numbers and hyphens. There have been recent changes to the .РФ registration procedure and more changes are possible: The “Sunrise” period for registering trademarks under this domain extension has just been extended to September 16, 2010. Holders of Russian or international trademarks designating Russia are entitled to submit “Sunrise” registration applications; there is no longer a date restriction on when the trademark was acquired. The domain auction phase of the .РФ has been canceled. No decision has been made if or when a “Landrush” phase will take place.


Cyrillic Version of .РФ domains now available

IDN domain names contain non-ASCII characters – letters with accents, umlauts and characters in non-Latin scripts such as the Russian Cyrillic character set. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently moved towards the implementation of IDN top-level domains by approving the use of non-ASCII characters in TLDs. .РФ is one of the first IDN TLD to successfully pass through ICANN’s application process for IDN TLDs, and is now open for domain registrations. Others, which will be delegated soon, are such as the IDN TLD associated with the countries of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Key-Systems is a leader in the field, supporting all newly available IDN domain names as soon as they become available.

Key-Systems is dedicated to supporting clients by providing the ability to register and manage IDN TLDs. “The number of IDN country-code TLDs will rise significantly in the future,” emphasized Alexander Siffrin, CEO of Key-Systems.“ICANN is currently accepting requests to fast track IDN ccTLD applications. The process enables countries and territories that use languages based on non-Latin scripts to apply for a corresponding domain extension.” Applications for permission to implement an IDN ccTLDs are available only to administrations of countries and territories or their designated representatives, and must constitute a meaningful representation of the country or territory name. At this time, ICANN has 21 requests for IDN ccTLDs, representing eleven languages in the Fast Track Process.

Key-Systems will offer all new internationalized domain extensions as they become available. “It is important to support all national communities in their quest to establish local platforms on the Internet,” continued Siffrin. “Internationalized domain names can provide a whole new internet experience for the users.” “These new IDNs make it possible for domain names of companies and brand names that include non-ASCII characters to be registered in their original spelling, which will also help to facilitate their branding efforts,” added Bonnie Wittenburg, EVP of Key-Systems USA. “Global companies whose products are marketed internationally are particularly interested in IDNs as a vehicle for reaching consumers in their native language.”

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