Key-Systems successfully completes .CO launch

During the final stage of the .CO launch yesterday, the domain registrar Key-Systems could secure about two thirds of the pre-ordered domain names for its customers. From now on, anyone can register his desired .CO domains following the “first come, first served” principle. Key-Systems offers the registration of domains with the extensions .CO, .COM.CO, .NET.CO and .NOM.CO via the end customer portal, the reseller portal, and the corporate domain portal The interest in the newly available domain ending .CO is immense – currently there are already more than 216,000 .CO addresses registered.


Key-Systems was well prepared for the start of the General Availability (GA) of .CO yesterday, and had direct access to the registry .CO Internet via various channels. “Compared to the large demand for the new .CO domain names, the success rate of 64 percent within the pre-registrations for our customers is a good result”, describes Key-Systems’ CEO Alexander Siffrin the .CO launch final.

Even after the begin of the GA, the domain ending .CO offers the registrants many options: “There are still many memorable .CO domain names available, which are registered with popular endings such as .COM for a long time”, explains Alexander Siffrin. “The current status of more than 216,000 registrations shows, that .CO is on its way to become a popular domain extension“, Ricardo Ipiña adds. Ipiña is the Managing Director of KS Internet Solutions, Key-Systems’ subsidiary in Mexico.

The top-level domain .CO can represent expressions like “Company”, “Corporation” and “Commerce”. Furthermore, the domain extension is associated with “Social Networking” buzzwords like “Communities“, “Content“, “Connect“, “Communicate“ or “Collaborate“. .CO domains can be registered for a period of one year up to five years. The domain extension enjoys liberal registration policies: anyone in the world can register and transfer .CO domains without domicile or documentation requirements. The registration period for .CO domains is one year up to five years. A .CO domain name may consist of minimum three up to maximum 63 characters (without the top-level-domain .CO). Furthermore, it can include Spanish special characters as well as a hyphen (-).

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