Key-Systems publishes launch dates for over 200 new top level domains

The introduction of the new domain extensions (top level domains, TLDs) such as .SHOP, .WEB and .BERLIN is expected to start soon; in the course of the next two years over 700 new TLDs will be introduced gradually. Registrations under the first new TLDs such as شبكة. (Arabic: network), .CAMERA and .CLOTHING are expected to become available as soon as in January 2014. In order to provide interested parties with an overview of the numerous launch dates and phases, the Key-Systems GmbH – as one of the first providers worldwide – summarized all known launch dates in a clear graphic.


Users will find the launch date of their most wanted new TLD or the upcoming release dates over the next months in Key-Systems' graphic overview. The data published on the website will be continuously updated by the Key-Systems team. Key-Systems is one of the first registrars providing a public overview of the schedule for many new TLDs.

„Considering over 700 new TLDs that will come on the market from next January, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of the events taking place – even for the industry experts. With our overview we want to give our customers and all Internet users the opportunity to inform themselves about the current new TLD release dates at a glance“, states Alexander Siffrin, CEO of the Key-Systems GmbH.

Domain extensions with multiple applications submitted to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and without a finally defined operator are marked accordingly. The data presented in the overview is either the result of research by Key-Systems or an official announcement by the respective registry operator and depends on the ICANN prioritization results and delegation process as well as the launch plans of the respective registries. Key-Systems cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data. We continuously update the records as new information emerges. If you would like to assist us with updating the list, please send us your current data with TLD and applicant to [email protected] (Subject: Update nTLD list).

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