Key-Systems plays! – World Play Day 2017

Key-Systems celebrates the World Play Day on May 28, 2017. At its headquarters in St. Ingbert, Germany Key-Systems’ offers many possibilities for a game during lunch time, whether it's at the billiards table, at the table football, with air hockey or in the flipper room. However, a game of the Key-Systems Monopoly special edition can sometimes take several lunch breaks.


Creative breaks @Key-Systems

"Playing is a good way to relax and be distracted. In this respect it provides a great recreation possibility for the employees during their breaks," said Alexander Siffrin, CEO of Key-Systems. "Our office equipment offers a variety of playing facilities that our employees like to use – as one might say our young or young at heart team has kept the fun of gaming."

The idea of the "World Play Day"

The idea for the "World Play Day" was established in 1999 at the 8th International Toy Library Association Conference (ITLA) in Tokyo. The goal was and is to promote the fun of the game and to unite people of different social classes in the game. In the year 2000, the UN officially announced May 28 as World Play Day, which has been celebrated since then in up to 22 countries with countrywide events of various kinds.

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