Key-Systems offers special price for .COM.MX domains

.COM.MX domain holders will be privileged to register .MX / opening of domain name registration directly under the .MX TLD

2009-02-18, domaindiscount24

The domain expert Key-Systems GmbH offers until February 28, 2009 the registration of .COM.MX domains at the favourable rate of 10.00 Euros. A .COM.MX domain enhances the chance to get the corresponding second level .MX domain name during the upcoming opening of domain name registration directly under the .MX TLD (top level domain). „Companies that want to interact on the Mexican market should register the adequate .MX top level domain“, recommends Alexander Siffrin, CEO of Key-Systems. During the first period of the opening - the Pre-Registration Period - applications for registering domain names directly under .MX can only be submitted from current holders of a Mexican Third Level Domain, for example .COM.MX. Interested parties should therefore hurry up: „If companies miss this opportunity to apply for a third level domain, the chance to get the corresponding top level domain name can be reduced significantly.“

The background of the special offer of Key-Systems is that the .MX-opening is released in several phases. Until now, companies and individuals could not register domain names directly under the .MX TLD. This will change as of May 1, 2009: During the Pre-Registration Period (May 1 to July 31, 2009) all customers who register domain names under one of the available .MX classifications before March 1, 2009 - and have also paid before this date - will have the favoured option to register the exact same name directly under .MX. If more than one application is received for the same domain name, priority will be given to the application corresponding to the domain name with greater seniority which is that domain name with the oldest creation date according to NIC Mexico's records. Key-Systems' special offer for third level domain names intends to help companies to register their favorite .MX domain because any domain that has not been registered during the Pre-Registration Period can be registered immediately by anyone during the Open Registration starting September 1, 2009. This offer only applies to new 1-year registrations and not to domain renewals or transfers and ends on February 28, 2009. COM.MX domains can be registered on the Key-Systems portal

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