Key-Systems extends partnership with Thomsen Trampedach

The international domain registrar Key-Systems extends its business in the field of consulting and corporate domain name management with an investment in the Swiss based firm Thomsen Trampedach. A long standing partnership connects the two companies: As consulting partner of Key-Systems' corporate domain portal, Thomsen Trampedach assists corporate clients in achieving a secure and cost-effective management of large domain portfolios and the best protection and positioning online.

2010-05-05, BrandShelter

The internet consulting firm with presence in Switzerland and Denmark specializes in domain name strategy and related business processes. This business focus of Thomsen Trampedach adds to the brand and company portal BrandShelter, which Key-Systems launched in May 2009. “The investment in Thomsen Trampedach perfectly complements BrandShelter. It's the next step to strengthening our existing, excellent cooperation even more”, iterates Key-Systems' CEO Alexander Siffrin. “Thomsen Trampedach is a strong partner with an extensive experience in the domain industry.”

Jannik Skou, partner at Thomsen Trampedach, explains: “The extended partnership will enable our clients to leverage Key-Systems' industry leading domain name processing systems and fulfillment services. Partnered with Key-Systems, we look forward to continuing to raise the standards for the corporate domain name market.” The two companies make out the synergies of their cooperation especially in offering corporate clients a tailored solution for their domain management and online brand protection.

Leveraging BrandShelter's benefits, Thomsen Trampedach assists corporate customers in defining and implementing effective domain name management and online brand protection strategies. Via the online portal, corporate clients can manage their global domain name portfolios and control the use of their name and trademarks on the Internet name space. The BrandShelter service offers worldwide registration of domain names including all possible extensions. Business tasks like domain renewal, registration of new, relevant domain names, recovery of registered trademarked domains or the prevention against phishing attacks are all manageable with BrandShelter.

Through the BrandShelter product, Key-Systems also supports companies and organizations / institutions in applying at ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) for their own top-level domain like .BRAND or .COMPANY and therefore offers the technical operation, whereas Thomsen Trampedach adds consulting services covering business plan, application writing and project management.

About Thomsen Trampedach

Thomsen Trampedach is an Internet consulting firm specialized in domain names and related business processes. For its customers, the company carries out analysis and participates in projects, process optimization and the decision-making process at all levels. Among Thomsen Trampedach’s clients are registries, resellers, IP law firms, and corporate clients. Thomsen Trampedach provides expert advice and consulting across the divide between the domain industry and corporations managing major domain portfolios.

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