Key-Systems donates to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti

The earthquake catastrophe in Haiti has also shocked the international domain registrar Key-Systems. Key-Systems has elected togive emergency aid to the German “Doctors Without Borders” with a donation of 1,000 Euros. Thousands of people have been hurt because of the massive earthquake on Tuesday. Aftershocks are still terrorizing the country. The worldwide domain registrar Key-Systems hopes its contribution will help with the desperate need for medical assistance in the area.


“Such a fatal catastrophe concerns everyone, no matter where on earth it happened”, says Alexander Siffrin, CEO of Key-Systems. “We are an international company with customers all around the world, our work reminds us everyday how connected and globalized our world is.”

According to the German “Doctors Without Borders”, the hospitals in Haiti have been largely destroyed. However,yesterday doctors of the aid organization could help more than 1,000 people in four tents. “Doctors Without Borders” delivers humanitarian relief items like medical catastrophe kits, blankets, plastic tarps, hygiene and cooking material, as well as tents and (water?) canisters to Haiti. Seven charter flights for the organization stand by, but because of the demand for relief flights into the airport in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince only one plane could land until now. “Doctors Without Borders” expects up to 80 international staff members more for assisting the team in Haiti.

After the strong earthquake on Tuesday, thousands of people in Haiti are homeless. Hundreds of houses were destroyed. The German “Red Cross” (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) expects 50,000 deaths. About 9.7 million people live in Haiti. According to the German Department of Foreign Affairs Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. It is periodically haunted by natural disasters like floods and cyclones, last major disaster occured in 2008.

The private aid organization “Doctors Without Borders” provides medical emergency aid, in cases where the life of many people is threatened in war zones or after natural disasters. The aid organization provides independant in impartial assistance to those in need. For protecting its independence, it raises well over 50% of its funding through private donations. The international network “Doctors Without Borders” oporates out of 19 countries.

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