Key-Systems celebrates grand opening of company building

With around 130 political, society and domain industry guests, the registrar Key-Systems has inaugurated its new headquarters in St. Ingbert on last Thursday. In the middle of July, the company will move from Zweibrücken to the new location with 44 employees. Among the guests of the grand opening were the Minister of Economics in the federal state Saarland, Christoph Hartmann, Tim Cole from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and the CEO of the registry for the German top-level domain (TLD) .DE, Sabine Dolderer.


About one third of the 130 guests of the company inauguration arrived with a specially chartered airplane from the ICANN meeting in Brussels. Also the chiefs of the two Key-Systems subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico, Bonnie Wittenburg (EVP, Key-Systems USA) and Ricardo Ipiña (Managing Director, KS Internet Solutions) celebrated the opening of the new company building with the German Key-Systems team. The Minister of Economics described Key-Systems‘ move to St. Ingbert as “strengthening the position of the federal state Saarland“. He also said: “A company like Key-Systems, which is very international, upcoming and successful, perfectly matches the location Saarland.”

Top issue – new generic TLDs

“Memorable domain names are the solid foundation for successfully sharing content in the net”, described Key-Systems CEO Siffrin the importance of domains. Current topics of the domain business, such as the refinement of the namespace with internationalized top-level domains and new TLDs for regions and companies, were debated during the housewarming event: “The new generic top-level domains [gTLDs] mean a great expansion of opportunity”, said Tim Cole, Chief Registrar Liaison for ICANN. “When you add in the internationalized domain names, we are creating a much broader internet that’s available to people all over the world much more so than today. And so, opportunities for registrars, registries and the entire internet will grow.”

Key-Systems is prepared for the new developments in the TLD section: The company supports projects for new domain extensions such as .SAARLAND and .Madrid. In addition, the corporate domain portal offers companies and organizations their own TLD .BRAND. Minister Hartmann also accentuated the new gTLD issue; the provincial government plays a part in the non-profit association dotSaarland. “The domain extension .SAARLAND will endow the Saarland identity and push the brand Saarland“, said the Minister.

Also DENIC CEO Sabine Dolderer valued the new generic TLDs as one of the current top issues in the domain industry: “I think the regional new gTLDs will be an important issue. ICANN has announced to approve about 300 new gTLDs per year; this will strongly move the business.” The registry chief found laudatory words for the company Key-Systems: „The overall performance which Key-Systems presented in the last years is great – a success story.”

Sustainable, energy-efficient building

The success story of the company shall now continue in St. Ingbert, in a friendly, vital house with bright rooms, improved operating procedures and a positive atmospheric environment, as Michael Regnauer, managing partner of the responsible construction firm “Regnauer Hausbau” described the building. The house was built in only six months. It offers room for 60 to 80 employees of Key-Systems and its partners. 140 cubic kilometers of the sustainable building material timber were used to construct the energy-efficient building. Thus, an output of 130,000 kilogram carbon dioxide could be conserved. Regnauer described the new building as a “sign to construct future”.

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