Key-Systems breaks mark of 3 million domains

Just in time for CeBIT, the registrar Key-Systems last week broke the mark of three million domains. For more than ten years, Key-Systems is managing domains for their customers – currently more than 70,000 retail / corporate customers and resellers around the world. “” was the domain which exceeded the magic limit of three million domains. At CeBIT exhibition in Hanover (March 1 – 5), Key-Systems currently presents its six business areas at the joint booth of the federal state Saarland (hall 5, stand D02).


“We clinked glasses and celebrated this success with the whole team”, says Alexander Siffrin, CEO of Key-Systems about reaching the mark of three million domains. As the basis for this success Siffrin points out the continued growth and increasing internationalization with offices in the U.S. and Mexico. "We thank our customers for their trust and the great collaboration over the last years – thanks to them we can now celebrate this great milestone", says Thorsten Smeets, COO of Key-Systems about the reasons for the success.

After the company's foundation in 1998, Key-Systens rapidly evolved from an academic sideline to a global player. Today, Key-Systems’ core business is still the registration and management of domains. Already in 2006, the registrar could announce the administration of over one million customer domains. In 2008, the company exceeded the mark of two million Internet addresses. Today, Key-Systems administers more than three million domains for more than 70,000 retail/corporate customers and more than 1,700 resellers in over 200 countries.

The number of domain extensions offered via Key-Systems’ fully-automated registration gateways has increased from three to more than 280 since the company’s foundation in 1998. Furthermore, Key-Systems is able to realize any TLD worldwide on customer's request. The different second-level and top-level domain (TLD) extensions represent numerous countries and regions such as Germany (.DE), Europe (.EU), USA (.US), Brazil (.COM.BR ) or India (.IN) as well as generic terms such as “commercial” (.COM) or “networks and internet services” (.NET).

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