Key-Systems begins new offering in .CO name space

In line with the allocation of internet addresses of the top-level domain (TLD) .CO, the domain registrar Key-Systems now extends its domain offering with the third-level domains .COM.CO, .NET.CO and .NOM.CO. Furthermore, Key-Systems assists owners of Colombian trademarks in applying for their second-level .CO domain names at the registry during the current “Sunrise A” phase. In addition, reservations for all other phases of the .CO launch are already possible through Key-Systems. Thus, Key-Systems offers its customers extensive access to domain names in the .CO name space with global and local reference.


“Customers can now profit from all benefits of the .CO name space”, Key-Systems' CEO Alexander Siffrin points out. In February the new registry of the .CO name space, .CO Internet S.A.S., had liberalized the allocation of the Colombian third-level domains and initiated the registration of second-level domains. The TLD .CO has a global focus – it can represent expressions like “Company”, “Corporation” and “Commerce”. Furthermore, “Social Networking” buzzwords like “Communities“, “Content“, “Connect“, “Communicate“ or “Collaborate“ can be added.

The “Sunrise A“ for registering Colombian trademarks under .CO ends on April 20. During the next phase “Sunrise B“, owners of trademarks worldwide are permitted to apply for their corresponding .CO domain name (April 26 – June 10). The trademark (Colombian Trademarks only) must have obtained registered status on or before July 30, 2008. All applications will be validated through Laga/Deloitte and multiple valid applications will go through an auction hosted by From July 20 on, .CO domain names will be available for all interested parties.

The second-level domains .COM.CO, .NET.CO and .NOM.CO are already available. They can be registered in real time. .COM.CO addresses companies and commercial offerings on the Colombian market in general. .NET.CO is especially relevant to internet and telecommunication services. .NOM.CO addresses private users, to present blogs or other personal information online. All over the world, people can register a .COM.CO, .NET.CO and .NOM.CO domain name with Key-Systems in real time, following a “first-come, first-served“ basis. The registration period can be from one year to five years. Colombia is located in the North West of South America. The country borders Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. 44.5 million inhabitants live on an area of about one million square kilometers. Colombia has the second largest population in South America; it's capital is Bogotá has about 7.5 million inhabitants.

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