Facing the challenge of digital brands

Naming Digital launches Brand Shelter™ in Spain, the ultimate solution for corporate domain and online brand management.

2012-11-28, BrandShelter

“Identity” has become a key concept of our time. The adoption of the Internet and the expansion of social networks changed the rules of the game forever and now our virtual identity has become as important as the real one.

Brands reflect the corporate identity. Globalization and the expansion of the digital world have increased the complexity of brand management in the last decades. In just a few years, companies have gone from monitoring a brand in just one country to having to do so all over the world. During this period, domain names have also become the virtual “alter ego” of the brands and the upcoming release of the so called “new domains” (like .app, .home or .shop) will increase the challenge even more.

Naming Digital wants to simplify this task for its customers and that's the reason it decided to launch BrandShelter™ in Spain. This tool allows companies to manage traditional and online brands and trademarks from a single platform that lives up to the highest security standards.

Jordi Hinojosa, Naming Digital's General Manager, states that “the concept of brand and identity is undergoing a radical transformation. Many companies still have doubts about the best way to face these changes and our mission consists in helping them to keep the control over their identity and reputation at all times”.

About Naming Digital SL:

Naming Digital offers corporate online brand and domain management services including advice and implementation of online brand policies all over the world.

About BrandShelter:

BrandShelter™ is the corporate domain management division of Key-Systems™ GmbH, one of the world's largest domain registrars. BrandShelter™ specializes in providing online brand protection solutions for companies and trademark owners. The comprehensive yet easy to use web interface takes the guesswork out of domain name management and monitoring.

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