Employees donate blood at IT company Key-Systems in St. Ingbert

Key-Systems GmbH organized its first blood donation campaign in St. Ingbert, Saarland, with the German Red Cross Blood Donation Service West.


First blood donation at Key-Systems

Key-Systems' employees were released from work for the duration of their blood donation. A total of ten liters of blood from 20 donors were donated in three hours. Among them were 14 first-time donors.

"Social commitment is important to us at Key-Systems, which is why we are glad to enable our employees to donate their blood as part of a joint initiative", said Alexander Siffrin, CEO of Key-Systems. "Donating blood is a matter of the heart for me. Therefore I am very pleased about the active willingness to donate."

Use of donated blood

"In December it is particularly difficult to provide the hospitals with the necessary blood due to flu illnesses and the many holidays. Therefore, many thanks to the Key-Systems employees who supported us in this regard today," said Sabine Böhme, German Red Cross Blood Donation Service. According to the Red Cross Germany, statistically speaking, most of the blood is needed to treat cancer patients. Diseases of the heart, stomach and intestinal diseases follow. Many operations, transplants and the treatment of patients with malignant tumors are only possible thanks to the latest medical technology and a large number of available and safe blood preparations.

Blood donation in the company

The Red Cross Blood Donation Service West offers companies the opportunity to organize blood donations at their own headquarters. The doctors and employees carry out the blood donation on site. For smaller offices, it is possible to use a blood donation mobile. Usually half a liter of blood is donated, which is then examined, processed and used for medical, scientific and pharmaceutical purposes.

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