domaindiscount24 celebrates International Cat Day!

domaindiscount24 (dd24) celebrates the World Cat Day on August 8, 2016 with an animal raffle and great offers.

2016-08-01, domaindiscount24

Cat owners can send us the best snapshots of their kitten via email to [email protected] and participate in our 'cat week' raffle until August 8. Special prizes as a programmable automatic feeder with voice recording and volume reduction function or a cat surprise box with selected tasty treats, toys and care products will be drawn among all participants. In addition, you can register your domain at domaindiscount24 with the extension .website, .info or .pet at a reduced rate. For unbeatable 0.99 EUR per year you get an internet address, e.g. with cat affinity from August 1 – 8. Further information about the raffle and domains on sale can be found here.

“Our six office dogs can certainly confirm that we are an animal-loving company. To ensure that 'cats parents' in the Key-Systems team don't miss out, we decided to participate in this year's International Cat Day”, said Alexander Siffrin, CEO of the Key-Systems GmbH.

The International Cat Day is celebrated by all cat lovers, to show their love for cats, to share their cat stories with others, to inform about species-appropriate keeping and to support their protection. Renowned animal welfare organisations such as WWF and Pro Wildlife take this as an opportunity to call attention to the living conditions of threatened wild cat species.

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