Digital Archery with Key-Systems: charging only for first batch hits

Key-Systems offers its technical expertise to new generic top level domain (gTLD) applicants for ICANN's batching according to the Digital Archery procedure. A high ranking in ICANN's Digital Archery is required to be among the first TLDs to be evaluated by ICANN as part of the new gTLD program. These TLDs have a realistic chance to start registrations in 2013. For non-customers, the value of the first batch is 15,000 €. Key-Systems reserves the right to refuse batching for applications conflicting with applications of its customers. For requests, please contact Key-Systems' sales team via email: [email protected]


ICANN's final schedule provides the batching process from June 8 to June 28, 2012. Applicants in the first batch will presumably be able to launch their TLD already in 2013. An early launch of the TLD ensures minimal operating costs and timely sales. For this reason Key-Systems provides its clients as well as external customers support for the Digital Archery. “Our team was able to hit the specified time exactly in the testing system – matching even the millisecond”, describes Alexander Siffrin, CEO Key-Systems GmbH, the preparations for the Digital Archery.

Due to the high number of approximately 2000 applications submitted until May 30, ICANN plans to review them in batches. The first batch will be the largest with 500 applications; each subsequent batch will contain 400 applications. Digital Archery means, that each applicant uses an online system to choose a date and time in the above mentioned timeframe. The applicant logs in and clicks the submit button as accurately as possible. The closer the click is to the preselected time, the sooner will the application be reviewed.

For customers of KSregistry GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Key-Systems GmbH, the Digital Archery also decides about the launch date for their top level domain. If the applications are successful, 31 gTLDs will deploy the technology of KSregistry in the future. The KSregistry solution offers features and functions necessary for the operation of a registry. It is completely adapted to the customers' needs.

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