.brand and .company will seize the Internet

Companies and organizations may soon apply for their own, new domain extension such as .BRAND, .COMPANY, .PRODUCT, .CITY, or .COMMUNITY. Key-Systems™ supports its customers in planning, executing and operating their own top-level domain. The application window for new domain extension (generic top-level domains, gTLDs) will be open from January 12 to April 12, 2012. It is expected that the first new gTLDs will be available for registration in 2013.


Domain extensions such as .BRAND, .COMPANY, .PRODUCT, .CITY or .COMMUNITY will enhance a web site profile simply through the domain extension and hence facilitate its localization on the web: The terms included in a domain name will improve the positioning of these domains in search engine results. Users may find web sites and offers faster and easier. “Middle to long-term, this development will result in a completely innovative user behavior”, predicts Key-Systems™’ CEO Alexander Siffrin. ICANN has not yet approved plans for a second round of applications, and has not specified a timeframe for when a second round would occur if approved.

Key-Systems™ helps organizations and companies to analyze the potential of an own top-level domain. “An own TLD can become a worldwide advertising vehicle and thus the anchor of a company’s communication strategy”, says Alexander Siffrin. “Further benefits are a secure name space and a unique addressing of users.” In addition, owners of a new gTLD can decide about the registration rules and procedures for their name space on their own. Thus, they determine who may register addresses under their own TLD.

Together with the internet consulting company Thomsen Trampedach, Key-Systems™‘ team advises interested parties about the realization of their own TLD. Furthermore, the company owned BrandShelter service supports brand owners in monitoring the growing internet name space to detect the use of brands and typos by a third party. Also the registration and back-ordering of domain names are part of BrandShelter’s portfolio.

Key-Systems™' business area KSregistry offers all technical features and functions required for a successful registry operation. The registration system is built according to all current standards and offers a white-label registry and registrar interface. KSregistry combines custom-tailored solutions, a reliable, powerful technology and qualified consulting.

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