.ARCHI is the first new TLD in the General Availability using KSregistry solution – .BIO, .DESI and .SAARLAND will follow soon

.ARCHI started in the General Availability on June 16 and is the first new TLD using the registry system of the KSregistry GmbH as technical framework. The registry system of the KSregistry GmbH, a fully-owned Key-Systems subsidiary, provides features and functions to successfully operate your own registry. The special feature of the KSregistry solution is that it is tailored to the individual wishes of the customers. Further new TLDs using the KSregistry solution such as .BIO, .DESI and .SAARLAND will follow soon.

2014-06-26, KSregistry

Startingdot's .ARCHI is the new top level domain exclusively reserved for the community of professional architects with official support from the International Union of Architects (UIA).

Other new TLDs which use the KSregisty GmbH as technical back-end, such as .BIO and .DESI, are in the Sunrise.
.BIO, another Startingdot TLD, was delegated in the Internet root zone on June 2 and started its Sunrise period on June 11, 2014. .BIO is a new internet domain space created for the organic food and farming industry. The mission of the .BIO TLD is to implement national and international organic standards and legislation with the help of .BIO domain name registrants. Further launch data are not published yet.

The .DESI Sunrise will end on August 16, 2014, followed by the Landrush from August 25 to September 26, 2014 and the General Availability as of October 6, 2014. .DESI represents an informal term that is used by many members of the South Asian Diaspora to identify themselves. It refers to people, cultures and products from the Indian subcontinent and is used by the Diaspora to connote an origin or a connection with the Desi regions.

The geoTLD .SAARLAND, which represents a federal state within Germany, will start in the Sunrise period on July 17, 2014. The domain extension .SAARLAND shall strengthen and further extend the regional identity of the Saarland, its citizens and friends on the Internet. Further launch data can be found here.

Further new TLDs using the KSregistry solution such as .TUI or .Zuerich are still waiting for their delegation by ICANN.

The KSregistry GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of the international domain registrar Key-Systems GmbH, provides a customized registry operation and comprehensive tools to facilitate registrations at registry, registrar and reseller levels. The service is directed to operators of existing ccTLDs, applicants for new gTLDs such as community or regional gTLDs, and companies planning to establish their name or brand as a new TLD.

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