19 new domain extensions on Key-Systems‘ domain portals

Since October 2010, the registrar Key-Systems has launched 19 new second-level (SLDs) and top-level-domains (TLDs) on its three domain portals. The extensions belong to the following namespaces: .SO (Somalia), .NO (Norway) and .GL (Greenland) as well as the extensions .BR (Brazil), .NF (Norfolk Island), .PE (Peru) and .MU (Mauritius). Thereby, Key-Systems has introduced 57 new domain extensions since January 2010 and hence increased its overall portfolio up to more than 280 Internet extensions with automated registration.


Since November 1, 2010, the TLD for the Republic of Somalia .SO is being newly launched in a Sunrise phase for trademark owners (End: November 11). Via its three domain portals (for resellers), (for end customers) and (for brand owners), Key-Systems already accepts pre-orders for all phases of the .SO launch. After the Landrush phase (10-12-16 until 11-02-09), all available domain names will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis in the Open Registration starting on March 1, 2011. Apart from .SO, three further extensions are available: .COM.SO specially aims at companies; .NET.SO is directed to networks and .ORG.SO to non-profit-organizations.

.NO is the top-level-domain of Norway. Only organizations or companies that are located and registered in Norway are allowed to register .NO domains. The maximal number of domains per registrant is limited to 20. A new alternative to .NO domains is the extension .CO.NO, which is currently launched with a Sunrise phase for brand owners. After the Sunrise period, .CO.NO will Go Live on February 22, 2011. Then, everyone interested can register .CO.NO domains on a first come, first served basis. The .CO.NO registration is open to anyone, with no requirement of local presence or other special tie with Norway.

In addition to the Norwegian extension .NO, Key-Systems also introduced the Greenlandic .GL and its associated second-level extensions .CO.GL, .COM.GL, .EDU.GL, .NET.GL and .ORG.GL. There exist no restrictions for the registration of domains in the .GL namespace. Key-Systems also extended its offerings of the namespaces .BR (Brazil), .NF (Norfolk Island), .PE (Peru) and .MU (Mauritius) with further second-level extensions: .ORG.BR for Brazil, .ORG.NF for Oceania, .ORG.PE, .NET.PE and .COM.PE for Peru as well as .AC.MU and .CO.MU for Mauritius.

Key-Systems is an international, ICANN accredited registrar, which currently administers more than 2.7 million domains for more than 70,000 end customers and 1,700 resellers worldwide. The company with 54 employees is the second largest ICANN registrar in Europe and one of the 15 largest in the world (Source: Key-Systems' head-quarters are located in St. Ingbert/Germany. Furthermore, the company runs two subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico and owns a majority interest in the Polish registrar

Key-Systems is constantly expanding its domain portfolio with new extensions and services such as vServers, SSL certificates or webhosting. Via the end customer portal and the reseller portal, customers are currently able to register domain names with more than 280 different top-level- and second-level extensions fully automated. The corporate domain portal offers companies the worldwide registration of domains with all available extensions and a comprehensive online brand protection.

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