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Striking a cappella songs, rhythmic human beat box parts and entertaining role-playing on stage – iNtrmzzo (meaning: interlude, pronounced Intermezzo) shows all these elements, a combination of dynamic show and outstanding vocal performance.


iNtrmzzo has many impressive faces – for Key-Systems a reason to promote this all-round quartet as exclusive sponsor. Because we see ourselves also as a company, which offers diverse, high quality services successfully. The four-member band from the Netherlands was founded in 1991. The current formation with Merijn Dijkstra, Clemens Schmuck, Wouter Kronenberg and Tjidde Luhrs, is performing on stage together since 2005. All four musicians are graduates of major music conservatories. The unique style of iNtrmzzo ranges between theatre, comedy and the music types dance, pop and classical music, it is presented without instruments. The four musicians call their kind of performance "Vocal Comedy Theatre”.


During their live shows, the artists carry away the audience right from the beginning, by removing the boundaries between theater, comedy and a cappella concert: The group restages their voices with the support of theatrical directors and light designers even stronger. The staging knows humorous as well as progressive, or serious and touching moments. Since its foundation in 1991, the ensemble has already released several CDs and performed many show programs. The title of the iNtrmzzo show for 2011/2012 is: "Close To Perfection". As surprising act for the inauguration ceremony of the new Key-Systems company building in June 2010, iNtrmzzo convinced all international guests with their performance. There was much laughing, singing and dancing in the audience.