Key-Systems Internet Solutions

The Domain-Experts

Our Philosophy

Key-Systems provides a varied structure of supply; six different business areas are targeted exactly to the specific needs of our clients. All Key-Systems products combine attractive prices with extensive customer service. Key-Systems provides its clients with user-friendly, secure and fast domain, internet, and IT services.


The software, developed and continuously updated by Key-Systems, provides our customers with reliable and easy-to-use access to all our services. Thanks to the high degree of automation, our staff can dedicate their time to personal consulting and support of our clients. Highly qualified employees of the service team answer inquiries promptly, by phone or e-mail – without putting the customer off in a waiting loop.

As an ICANN-accredited registrar and a directly accredited member of many registries for country-code top level domains, Key-Systems has full technical control of the registration process for most domain extensions. With direct access to the registration systems, requests are processed rapidly and without delay.

Providing the secure and stable administration of customer domains and all other services is of  highest priority to Key-Systems. In order to achieve the greatest reliability, servers are linked with multiple redundant connections and placed at different international sites: in our own data center in St. Ingbert/Germany, in Frankfurt/Germany as well as in the United States.

Key-Systems – Extraordinary Service Provider & Reliable Partner