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Key-Systems' investments

Key-Systems' staff member in Germany and USA work together as one team, supported by two partner companies. The registrar is currently involved in and Thomsen Trampedach. Key-Systems works closely with its partner companies; all belong to the domain and internet industry and act as specialists in their respective business area.

  • Thomsen Trampedach GmbH

    Thomsen Trampedach GmbH

    Key-Systems is involved with a share of 26.5 percent in the consulting company Thomsen Trampedach since May 2010. The firm with presences in Denmark and Switzerland specializes in Internet consulting services. This business focus of Thomsen Trampedach adds to the brand and company portal BrandShelter, which Key-Systems launched in May 2009.more

  • dotSaarland GmbH

    dotSaarland GmbH

    The dotSaarland GmbH ( is the registry for .SAARLAND domains. After applying successfully at ICANN, organizes and manages .SAARLAND domain registrations in accordance with the ICANN regulations. The dotSaarland GmbH is member of the non-profit dotSaarland Association and supports its activities.more