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KSregistry – Registry Operation for Companies and Organizations

KSregistry provides features and functions to successfully operate a registry and meets the needs of existing ccTLDs and applicants for new gTLDs . Due to the modular design of the KSregistry, customer-specific solutions can be designed and expanded to meet the changing needs of clients in a cost effective manner.


The KSregistry solution meeting the customer's needs!

The registry solution of KSregistry GmbH is highly scalable and can easily handle an increasing number of customers or domains. Companies and organizations may also purchase extensive consulting services necessary for conception and implementation of a TLD. KSregistry is a high availability solution: Its main components are set up as a cluster with a minimum of two servers.

All system backups are distributed to two different geographical sites. The complete design is based on a TIER III architecture which guarantees maximum security for all services. By using Key-Systems' own SKYWAY DataCenter, fast reaction times and full process control are guaranteed.

Technical Structure

Overview of Registry Functions

The following registry functions may be configured and managed via web interface or API:



Oliver Fries

With KSregistry, companies and organizations benefit from Key-Systems' conceptual and technical know-how when realizing and operating their TLD such as .BRAND or .COMPANY. The registry solution offers features and functions necessary for the operation of a registry, which can be compiled in a package tailored to meet individual customer needs. This solution is expandable to meet the changing needs of the client over time. The KSregistry system is already successfully being used for four country-code extensions. Oliver Fries is CEO of KSregistry GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of Key-Systems GmbH.