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DNWorker – The Multidimensional Software for Domainers

With the DNWorker domainers can manage business tasks such as the registration, monetization and sale of domains all in one easy to use application. The software also allows parking and projecting domains in a professional way. DNWorker is a product of DevKey Domainmanagement Solutions UG (haftungsbeschränkt), a joint venture of DevUnity and Key-Systems


Software for Domainers: Registration, monetization, parking and sale!

The DNWorker is available in three variants: The user can buy the “Dedicated Version”, install it on his own server and manage unlimited numbers of domains. A “Hosted Version” can be acquired for a monthly rental price, defined by the server size. As a third variant customers can use the free “Online Version” of the DNWorker directly on On the basis of a beneficial traffic share, users may include an unlimited number of domains in the DNWorker.

Basic Module Domain Management

Additional Module Content-Parking

Additional Module ShowCase

Additional Module Registrar

Additional Module Listing Manager



Markus Müller

The DNWorker of the "DevKey Domainmanagement Solutions" (a joint venture with Key-Systems) is a specialized, multidimensional software solution which allows domainers to centrally manage business tasks like the registration, parking, forwarding, monetization or sale of domains. This flexibility provides opportunities for revenue to be generated, for example, through the integration of affiliate programs or the provision of advertising spaces as well as the creation of mini-sites with unique content. Markus Müller is Chief Strategy Officer of the Key-Systems GmbH and Product Manager of the DNWorker.