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For companies and organizations it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure and administer their domain portfolios. The well-timed domain renewal and the registration of new, appropriate domains are important tasks. It is also essential to keep track of new TLDs, changing registration procedures, and the use of your trade name and trademarks on the Internet.


Protect your brands and trademarks on the Internet!

Key-Systems' corporate domain portal BrandShelter assists you with all these important challenges. BrandShelter brings together different aspects of online brand protection – securing, administering, and monitoring domain portfolios – under one protective service.

Abstract of the BrandShelter Services

BrandShelter – The Safe Home for Your Domains



Andreas Soll

BrandShelter provides companies and brand owners with services aimed at managing and securing domain names as well as protecting brand use on the Internet. The brand protection service offers extensive monitoring of trademark use on the Internet by unauthorized persons and provides support for the corresponding countermeasures. Furthermore, BrandShelter offers comprehensive support for the realization of a company-owned TLD such as .BRAND or .COMPANY. Andreas Soll is Product Manager of the business division BrandShelter; the BrandShelter team in the US is headed by Bonnie Wittenburg, EVP of Key-Systems USA, Inc.