Week 34: My opinion on this week’s new domain extensions


This week there are six new domain extensions available. These are: .tax .cash .fund .investments .career .bio .Career comes out today, Monday, .bio on Thursday and the rest on Wednesday.

Who should then go after these new domain endings?

1. The ones who have a horrible hyphenated (-) domain name I always start by googling e.g. "".There you can see all the horrible domain names that people had to register, because the first option wasn't available. does sound better than looks better on a business card than Your domain name is part of your branding, and it's a great chance to go from a second rank domain to a sparkling new, short an memorable one. If you have one of these hyphenated domain names, then replace it today with one of these options. You won't regret it.

2. Start-ups It's clear that if you're a start-up looking for the right domain name, it could be found here. .com just looks old and the good ones are very $$$. .bio could be great for any site talking about bio food. .Organic is coming out on 16th Sept., so you can choose between the two, but in my view .bio is shorter and sweeter. .Tax is an obvious website address for any tax related content. There are so many questions about tax at Google, so this domain extension is a great platform to answer them. Funds are also working globally, which means that a .fund is an excellent domain ending for any new fund planning to start up. .Cash is a great eye catcher for any loan site. You will really be remembered. I'm not to fond of .career and .investments. In March we already saw the release of .careers, so for those who got that one (only 5.822 did), then you should also get .career. .Investments is just too long. Only if you can get a great generic term such as it would work, or a geographic one such as

Existing businesses with matching names

Of course you should also consider these if the term is part of your business name. UK based Man Investments could get a nice name, however they already have, so they must be happy ;). I would also recommend to protect your brand name, if these terms are related to what you're doing. Even though you don't have plans to use them, it would be pretty annoying to chase someone who registered your Read more about the DPML if you simply wish to protect your brand. To register for any of these domain extensions go to our domain search tool. I recommend that you do it now, since you will have better chances of getting your domain, when the market opens.

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