Want a piece of Chinese Online Gaming? It starts with the .游戏 domain


We are close to the launch of the first new top level domains, and especially one of them is very interesting, if you are in the online game industry. ICANN has signed the first four registrar contracts, which means that we are only some testing away from seeing the first Sunrise periods (initial launch phase for trademark holders). They are expected to start in September. The four top level domains are: شبكة : "Web" or "network" in Arabic онлайн: "Online" in Cyrillic сайт: "Website" in Cyrillic. 游戏: "Game" in Mandarin I believe that all four will bring value to the Internet. شبكة is the first top level domain in Arabic. It will be like a .com for the 26 African and Middle East countries, where Arabic is spoken. We are talking about a population of 400 million with a relatively low Internet penetration of 23%, however it is still 85m internet users. So if you have an Arabic scripted website, then شبكة is a great local web address to market. .онлайн and .сайт means online and Website in Cyrillic. When the first Cyrillic top level domain came out - .рф (.ru) - more than 1m registrations were done inside the first 12 months. It remains to be seen if these two extensions will be as popular. It will certainly depend on the marketing from Registry side. .游戏 (.game in Mandarin) is for me the most interesting. 1bn Mandarin speaking Chinese. +500m Chinese users online, where 2/3 already engage with online gaming. If you are a gaming business, then this top level domain is a must. It might be that you are still not present in China, however it starts with the .游戏 domain, and you need to register your domains now, before they are taken. I will follow up with the exact launch details, when we have them, however I suggest that you already now queue your domains with us using our Premium queue system. Just click Domain Search at the top to queue your domain names.

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