These TLDs go live in October


October is less busy than past months, when it comes to new domain extension launches. Incredible how fast we get used to weekly launches considering that two years ago a new launch was big news.

These top level domains go live in October:

  • 5th Oct.: .SEX enters The Matching phase. So what does that mean? It means that if you registered a .XXX domain before 1st October, you are now eligible for the equivalent .SEX domain. But hurry up, because you will lose this exclusive right on 4th Nov., when .SEX is available for all.
  • 8th Oct.: .CORSICA enters the limited registration period., which means that trademarks covering France can register the matching .corsica plus businesses located in Corsica. This phase runs until 25th Nov before Landrush on the 30th Nov. for all applicants.
  • 12th Oct.: .网店 means web shop in Chinese. There are no requirements. 14th Oct.: .STUDY joins the ranks of other education themed extensions such as .university and .school. First come - first served.
  • 19th Oct.: .LAW and .ABOGADO (lawyer in Spanish) are both launched on the same day. Only lawyers and law firms can apply. 26th Oct.: .SRL goes live. .SRL targets limited liability companies in Italy (Società a Responsabilità Limitata), Argentina, Mexico, Panama and other countries in Latin America (Sociedad de Resonsabilidad Limitada).
  • 28th Oct.: .STUDIO and .LIVE go live. Some of these seem to be THE generic term of an industry such as .SEX and .LAW. So even though there are already .XXX and .ATTORNEY, then go with these, if you're in the given industries. .LIVE could also be interesting, if registrants decide to use it for live events.
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