The No. 1 Secret of Succesful Domain Investors (And How You Can Use It For Your Business)


Domain Investors' No. 1 Secret

Do you also have the nagging feeling that you missed out on some great .com domain names back in the days? Who didn't want to own THE category .com domain in your niche such as, or

A golden opportunity

Times are changing, and you now have a second chance. With the introduction of the new top level domains, which actually means something on both sides of the dot, you have a golden opportunity to get some killer domains for your business. You can now get domain names, which brings traffic to your website, generate leads and get clients. This opportunity expires fast though. Look back next month and you will bang your head against a brick wall for missing out again. So how do you get the best of the best, when it comes to the new top level domains? I will explain, what pro domain investors do. This secret is definitely worth five minutes of your time, so check it out. It's a new trick where you have the chance to get ahead of your competition. .Condos domain names Let me give you an example. Tomorrow, Wednesday, you can get .condos domains, when the market opens (at the end I have listed all seven new top level domain releases). It's first come, first served, and lucky real estate agents worldwide can secure their domain names. And it could be an investment with a crazy return. Imagine that you buy 10 .condos domains, which will then generate traffic to your real estate website and create leads interested in buying a condo. One sale of a USD 500.000 condo with a 6% commission can cover costs of these domain names for the next 600 years! So even one really great domain name - say - could be a better investment than traditional marketing such as newspaper ads, tv ads, Google Adwords or flyers. If the ROI is that high, then how do you get hold of the best domains before anyone else? EAP - the secret of domain investors This is where the pro domain investors' secret trick comes in. It is known as EAP - Early Access Programme. When a new top level domain is released, there is an initial phase for trademark holders to protect their brand rights. Then there is the general release, however in many cases registries will offer a seven day initial EAP. At the EAP you can get premium domain names for premium prices. The registration price will scare most people away though - around USD 10.000. However pay attention here. The price will lower each day, and on the last three days - days 5-7 - it gets really interesting. Here you can get a domain name for around USD 150-400. It's only 2-5 times higher than the general price. We have already helped various businesses getting some of these, and you can really get some premium domains worth much more in my opinion. Examples of .condos in the EAP Let me give you some examples of great .condos domains available at the EAP price two days before the general launch (thanks to for compiling it). If you are selling condos in a specific geographic area or a specific type of condos, you really can own the virtual real estate listed below: USD 1,500 The.Condos Waterfront.Condos Beachfront.Condos Manhattan.Condos Luxurious.Condos NYC.Condos Broadway.Condos Golf.Condos Dubai.Condos Timeshare.Condos Moscow.Condos Tokyo.Condos Cheap.Condos Find.Condos USD 400 Great.Condos Beautiful.Condos Lake.Condos Uptown.Condos Furnished.Condos USD 200 Washingtondc.Condos And many more. Pretty good, eh? Today is the second last day of the EAP before the general release of .condos, .properties, .reviews, .futbol, .social, .tienda (store in Spanish), .maison (house in French) and .jetzt (now in German).

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