The guide to premium domains – get your domains ahead of the pack


It really sucks, if you have set your eyes on a great domain name, only to find out that someone beat you to it just some days before. Settling for the second best domain name just doesn't feel the same.

If you have the nagging feeling that all the best domain names are taken before a general launch of a new domain extension, then you're probably right. Just recently Rightside, the registry behind new top level domains .lawyer and .attorney, confirmed this in an investor presentation. Half of their turnover came from sales of premium domain names and the other half from normal registrations. Other registries I have talked to also confirm that many of the best domains are taken before the General launch. Learn how to get a great domain before the general launch Jimmy Andersson is a domain investor who understands this challenge. Last week we helped him secure a couple of premium domains before the general launch such as As he states "I buy premium domain names over regular domain names, since I believe that they have a higher value and will be more useful". is a great example. A short, memorable domain name which communicates your business. In this post I will explain, how you can get ahead of the pack, and secure your domain names before the general launch. And no, it doesn't cost a fortune, requires special documents printed on letterhead or other heavy tasks. But you do need to be on your toes. So if you've already missed out on a great domain name or are waiting for a forthcoming launch, then you should read on. Three initial launch phases When a new top level domain is launched, it will usually be released subsequently in three phases before the general launch: 1. Trademark holders 2. Other rights and 3. Premium domains / Early Access. 99% of domain registrants focus only on the general launch, which makes it easy for professional domain investors to secure the best domain names ahead of everyone else.

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