Worldmap and 49.999 other .uk domains in 24h – check what we did next

2014-06-13 was the first .uk website in history to go live 72 hours ago

This domain and 49.999 other .uk domains were registered during opening day. A stunning number. The waiting time has been long, far too long in many's opinion. United Kingdom was in fact the last country in Europe (except for Malta and Cyprus) to allow a two character top level domain. Until now you could only choose between,,, and For a brand you want to be easy to remember, and .uk is simply the most intuitive domain name in the UK - period. So if you have a address for your website, you'd might be thinking "Hey, why not change the domain name on my website to a .uk?". And it's not a bad idea. Changing to a .uk domain name Many brands will surely update over the next months. Examples: will become will become will become But changing the domain name is definitely not a walk in the park. Even if you're not in charge technically for a project of this kind, the worst you can do is simply to hand it over to the IT department. Many in charge of such projects have ended up red-faced. It's a team effort, where several departments should be involved for the optimal result. Here is a comment from someone who didn't do it right: nuts-com "We suffered a 70% decline in nonpaid Google traffic, which cost the company at least 100 to 150 orders per day". Those were the words of Jeff Braverman, CEO of (formerly known as They have since recovered, however it took them six months before they were back to normal. These days they are growing like crazy with a great domain name, which sticks in customers' minds. Search for nuts in Google and they turn up in top 3 just behind Wikipedia. Investing in changing your domain name can bring huge returns. Our .uk quest When we heard about the release of .uk, we set out on a quest. We wanted to present you with the most updated, easy to understand ressource explaining how to change a domain name. We compiled tips from the leading experts in the field. All these tips have been boiled down to 15 steps you need to complete, when changing the domain name on your website.

New UK Domain Guide15 steps you need to complete, when changing the domain name on your website.
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